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Sorocard was founded in Sorocaba, São Paulo, in the year of 1994,

from the gained experience and the entrepreneurial spirit of their partners.
With responsibility and seriousness, all our work philosophy is focused on

customer satisfaction by offering products which meet their expectations.

Sorocard industry has been acknowledge by the national Market

and it is present in all Brazilian states being reference

in the automotive sector by producing components for automotive, agricultural and industrial Cardan shafts.
Our continuous improvement concept seeks to enable our employees

to develop new productive technologies, with an investment

policy in modern equipment and machines with GUARANTEED quality.
With a proposal to ENSURE our reference position in this Cardan shaft industry,

we took an aggressive stance of investmentin the

development of new products, achieving more than

350 items of consecrated parts together with our clients

without even having an imported item.

Sorocard respects and believes in our BRAZIL!